Frequently Asked Questions

What is 10-9 Ultrafine CBD?

10-9 Ultrafine CBD is the proprietary solution of Hemp-derived Cannabidiol in CBD Water Works. It is tasteless, colorless, and 10 mg as formulated. This CBD has been broken down to a very small microscopic size ( so small it has to be measured in nanometers) so that is it more bioavailable for the body to absorb and use.

Does CBD water get you high?

No. CBD is nonpsychoactive meaning you will not get the feeling “high” effect.

Does CBD show up in a drug test?

CBD is NOT a psychoactive compound and the pure form, Ultrafine CBD from Hemp, infused in CBD Water Works will not be detected on a drug test.  Other products that use full spectrum CBD have minute amounts of THC in it, which is psychoactive, and that can show up on a drug test. CBD Water Works does not use psychoactive ingredients, is not full spectrum, and therefore will not show up on a drug test..

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a natural plant-based cannabinoid found in cannabis.  It has recently gained massive support from people touting its benefits. Recently, CBD infused products have become an accepted means of relaxation, mental clarity, and the substance’s popularity is rising rapidly. You can find more information here.

What is CBD Water?

CBD water is, simply put, an infusion of water and CBD. Although defining this CBD product may be simple, how it is made is what many people find interesting. To break it down for those interested in the science behind this refreshing thirst quencher, this perfectly balanced 8.5 pH water is produced using Quantum physics.

Why Should You Drink Cannabidiol Water

Vast amounts of research has shown that Nano-sized nutrient particle delivery could be the most effective way to introduce nutrients in your body so that your body can actually absorb and utilize it more efficiently.

Are there Side effects?

There are no known serious side effects from taking CBD, so you can stop or start taking it whenever you like without concern. Please consult your physician if you are taking other medication, pregnant, nursing or have any serious health concerns before consuming CBD Water Works.